Regional Multimodal Transportation Plan

Regional Multimodal Transportation Plan (RMTP)

The RMTP reflects extensive regional planning and collaboration to ensure that the region's transportation needs are identified, prioritized and ultimately implemented. The Plan's focus is on strengthening regional partnerships to enhance mobility, connect our communities and improve overall quality of life in Northeast Florida. Providing multimodal options and improving connectivity will increase our ability to be economically competitive by enhancing access to jobs, medical facilities, education and recreational opportunities.

The six counties representated by the RTC will immediately benefit from expanded transit services, regional park-and-ride facilities and new technologies that make it easier for people to travel around the region. Projects include roads, rail, ferry, multiuse paths and coordinated transit services.  We invite you to read the RMTP and get involved. Together, we can continue to make our region an even better place to live, work and play!

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